Squeeze all of the juice from the videos that you work really hard to create. Turn your videos into the long reads

You know how to create a popular YouTube video, but your content can do much more than that.

A regular 10-minute video can be easily turned into >1000 word blog-post. That’s a pretty well worthy piece according to Google.

You have a website which has no traffic, makes no money, and you remember about it only once a year when you receive a renewal notice.

What if your website could pay for itself, attract Google traffic and make you some money on the affiliate sales and Google AdSense?


1. Convert the video to text

We transcribe your video into a readable text: paragraphing, error checking, removal of unnecessary words and phrases. At this point, the text is optimized for pleasant reading.

2. SEO optimization + Images

Here we take the processed text and optimize it for the search engines: headings, lists, keyword mark up, internal links. Your blog-post would look incomplete, without images. We make screenshots from your video to illustrate an important or interesting part of the text. Images become SEO optimized as well.

3. Organic integration of your affiliate links

Usually, you post your affiliate links in the YouTube video description which is hidden. We take the links and embed them integrally into the text, so they are exactly where the user expects to see them.


The main goal of our service is to solve your problems and free up your time. Thus, you need minimum effort to start cooperating with us:

Preferred publication schedule

You tell us which videos to turn into articles, and how often you would like to see new articles on your website.

New WordPress user

In your WordPress website, you create a user for us with rights to publish articles.

That’s it!



Our service should pay off for you in the very near future. Therefore, we charge only $7.5 per a complete article.

Easy Payment

The payment can be made for a certain number of articles via Debit/Credit Card or PayPal


The price is for an article of 1000 words and can vary more or less depending on the negotiated conditions.


You receive the best articles out of your videos, both for Google and a visitor.

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